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Who we are

Initially founded in 2002, Global Mouth has always focused on driving digital growth within tech development in Sports, SMS, Apps, Web, Ventures and within marketing  and business development. Since 2016 Global Mouth is a venture company offering hands on marketing and business advisory and thru our company GLOMO best in class development and project management. We also help digital start up and scale up companies with funding.

What we do

The core of our work and investments are based on a few but important thoughts;
-We strive not only to talk but also to get the job done. 
-We take a big chunk of responsibility regardless of commitment. To help and to do good should always be present in our portfolio cases, where all cases should aim to help the clients, the society or the world.
-We are open-minded and We think that solid facts is a great base for creative height, free thinking and creativity.
-We think all efforts and investments should be based upon profitable and conscious entrepreneurship. We are always in it for the long run, even if a possible exit will come sooner than later.
The criteria’s for becoming a partner with us are quite simple;
-Companies should be staffed with outstanding management and great entrepreneurial spirit.
-The company should have need for development and or managerial resources whilst also being able to leverage from these resources in a diligent way.
-Financially the company should be stable enough to cover other costs related to the operation then the resources catered for thru the partnership with Global Mouth.
Depending on need, Global Mouth can also be involved in all matters of running the company, including matters of legal and commercial structure, commercialization, funding, building the right contacts for the business, working as a sounding board in the running of the day to day business, marketing and negotiations. This is done both thru advisory but also thru consulting.


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