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Partnering with Kambi to help them develop new products presented a unique set of challenges. Kambi allowed the Globalmouth team generous scope to be proactive in creating and developing widgets to provide to their customers. The creative license came with the objective of merging functionality together with design to improve the overall user experience. These objectives allowed the Globalmouth team to make use of their experience and knowledge in the areas of IT strategy and UX.

White iPhone displaying Kambi interface on screen


The Globalmouth team worked through three different alternatives to at the core of their solution for Kambi. The first solution they explored was based on Angular and looked promising to begin with however the positive productivity that this solution yielded was offset by the poor performance in terms of its speed. The team’s second solution showed a vast improvement in performance however it proved to be less productive than the first and was not user friendly for the developers to work with. The lessons learnt from these first two trials spawned a third solution based on React and delivered both the performance and productivity of the first two iterations.

White iPad displaying Kambi interface on screen


The final solution that has been implemented consists of six specialised widgets based on the fast, reliable platform developed for Kambi by Globalmouth. The solution reduces production time, lowering costs and allowing for new products to be faster to market while at the same time being stable and easy for developers to work with. It is a combination of these factors together that allows Globalmouth to achieve the objective of improved user experience when working with Kambi’s products.


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